How to insulate your home: Interlined Curtains

As we enter the new seasons in 2023, we realised there must be a better alternative to the ever-increasing energy bills. A far more cost-effective route to insulating our homes perhaps.

Some of our clients have already planned ahead to these future inconveniences. We suggest you do too!

Interlining your curtains can be a great way to retain heat in your rooms. So instead of watching those numbers increase, you can relax a little, knowing those draughts aren’t quite as satisfied knowing how much energy they used to take.

Windows and doors are the biggest area for heat loss in your homes evidentially, which does however mean this solution is viable for both. So, drawing these curtains when desired can prevent losing as much as 40% of energy, that the average home loses through its windows and doors. Are you sold yet?

Although we love the practicality factor this solution provides, need we mention it gives all the interior and design lovers an opportunity to add a bright, bold, statement fabric or perhaps a neutral, textured cosy appeal.

Recognise the curtains our client chose? When visiting the Rickmansworth showroom, our client was impressed by the selection of curtains and blinds we had displayed. They took inspiration from the newest addition, A soft feel, plush fabric. In a gorgeous teal shade this really complimented the natural mahogany wood and taupe wall interior in their home.

We knew this would be a reliable fabric that would increase the insulation element; a thin fabric would reduce the effectiveness and we wanted to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our workroom team carefully crafted this handmade single stack curtain, as you can see in the images. Each pleat evenly spaced to form a symmetrical heading to add the final touches.

Lastly, our most reliable installer, with over 47 years’ experience using different suppliers, materials and specification’s, received great feedback about both his technical capabilities and kind nature.