Curtain Tracks

We liaise with industry-leading curtain track suppliers to provide our customers with high-end luxury systems. At Distinctive, we work with luxury brands so we can supply, deliver and install comprehensive curtain track systems. Our collection of premium systems features our partners Diaz, Lutron and Silent Gliss in cord tracks, electrical and hand-drawn systems. For further information, see our technical specifications page.

Tuiss Patterned Curtains
Silent Gliss

Our range of luxury Silent Gliss curtain tracks come in numerous systems, perfect for all window types and projects.

Our range of hand operated Silent Gliss tracks are perfect for curved applications for bespoke installations. This collection of hand-drawn systems features Silent Gliss’ 6290, 6840, and 1280 curtain track systems.

The cord-operated tracks from Silent Gliss are the ideal system for heavily weighted curtains. Additionally, if you require bent curtain tracks, these versatile systems can meet all technical specifications. This collection features Silent Gliss’ 6370, 3840 and 3900.

Finally, our Silent Gliss electric curtain track range includes durable, versatile and AV integrated systems. These systems are the pinnacle of window treatment luxury featuring the 5100, 5600 and 5800 systems. Additionally, you can choose to have standard, roller and wave gliders with these versatile systems.


At Distinctive, our comprehensive curtain track systems from Lutron see precise, electronically driven units for smooth operations. Lutron is a unique, motorised-only manufacturer, specialising in luxury, ultra-silent tracks. Our collection features D105, D145 & D175 that come in gliders and ripple fold glider options.

Casa Wave Curtains Mexico

Our range of premium Diaz curtain tracks features economical systems coming in numerous designs. Diaz offers luxury electric curtain tracks that come with standard gliders or traditional curtain headings, depending on your needs. These versatile systems give you the option to choose between hardware or remote-controlled operations.

Metropole with Wave Curtains

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