Umbrella with stand

Are you looking to maximise your outdoor space? Well, our luxurious range of umbrellas and parasols might be for you. Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful outdoor paradise in your home or open up your commercial space to customers, our range of luxury umbrellas are perfect for all applications. With alfresco-inspired spaces becoming ever popular, why not explore our umbrella range!

You can work our luxury umbrellas and parasols with your exterior design. Match an umbrella with your outdoor furniture or have a standalone parasol for a unique shading treatment.

Umbrella Types

Freestanding Parasol

Commonly found in gardens across Britain, the freestanding parasol is a popular option, and for good reason. This versatile shading solution is perfect for the patio, garden or poolside. Freestanding parasols give you greater shading flexibility, allowing you to enjoy them anywhere in your home.

Cantilever Parasol

Cantilever parasols are a extravagance external system that opens you up to a whole new shading experience. Because of its innovative design, it maximises the space under the canopy for a relaxing outdoor experience. You can place tables, chairs or hammocks under the parasol for a relaxing alfresco vibe.

Umbrella Bases

Choosing a parasol base can be as challenging as choosing from our luxury designs. If you’re using your umbrella as a centrepiece for an outdoor table, you can go with a light base, giving you more options for mobility. Or, if you’re looking for a large, commercial parasol, we recommend having an inground base. This option gives you piece of mind, knowing that your luxury umbrella will be able to handle greater winds. Additionally, this will remove any potential tripping hazards in busy areas commonly found in pubs and restaurants.

Are you looking for a luxury umbrella system? Why not contact Distinctive today for your free umbrella and parasol quote today!