Our luxury awnings caters to all various services, including commercial, residential and industrial installations. Distinctives premium awning service includes the distribution and installation of luxury, manual and electrical systems.

Our state-of-the-art systems allow you to indulge in an alfresco lifestyle, aiding relaxation while maximising your outdoor space. Spend cherished time with your loved ones on balconies, gardens and patios under one of our luxury awnings.

Our range of Awnings includes Patio awnings, Vertical awnings Conservatory awnings and Open space awnings

Beautifully designed & Weatherproof

Distinctive’s industry-leading collection of premium systems offers compact awnings, allowing them to neatly retract to maximise your space. Our premium fabric collection is specially processed to ensure the materials are shape-retentive and easily maintained.

The weather-resistant systems can withstand and resist dirt, grease, oil and water, ensuring its vibrancy all year round. The high-grade materials combined with the strong framework protect your home from all-weather types, including hail, rain, snow and sun.

These durable systems allow you to control your outdoor experience; by staying cool in the summer with the extra shade or keeping warm under awnings infrared heating units.

Extend your outdoor space to extend your customer base

Making the most of your business space can have a significant impact on your brand, customer experience and profits; by increasing your exterior design, you can create a better first impression, welcoming more customers to enjoy an alfresco experience. We offer personalised systems so you can have your branding on our luxury awning systems.

A Greener Shading Solution

We are dedicated to working towards a greener future; that’s why all our shading systems and accessories are energy efficient. Our eco-friendly systems can reduce your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Our entire awning range produces zero carbon emissions, providing an effective and eco-friendly alternative to gas-fuelled options. Furthermore, our lighting and heating accessories use minimal energy but achieve fantastic results.

Green Markilux Awnings