Curtain poles

Curtain poles play a pivotal role in the final curtain finish, enhancing the results of your luxury window treatment. At Distinctive, our collection of designer curtain poles comes in numerous shapes, styles and lengths, giving you a luxurious selection. These final touches can get the most out of your bespoke, premium and stunning curtains.

Our specialist fabric makers liaise with industry-leading manufacturers such as Bradley collection, Byron & Byron, Silent Gliss and Tilly’s.


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Distinctives collection of wooden curtain poles are comprised of the finest materials such as oak and walnut for excellent finishes. These systems add a rich character to window recesses, and our wooden options pair perfectly with luxury curtains. Additionally, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly system, the wooden poles consist of biodegradable properties making for a greener home.

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For a contemporary, modern aesthetic to finish off your luxury window treatment, we’d suggest going with a metal curtain pole. Because of its durable material, the metal pole is the most reliable system, making them exceptionally easy to use. Additionally, the metal poles are highly versatile and meet any bending requirements. This option is a visually striking option, offering a clean aesthetic, ideal for modern homes. Pairing these pole types with Distinctives signature curtain designs makes for a gorgeous window dressing.




Hand-operated curtain poles are a simple but effective way to hang curtains that meets many application requirements. Our comprehensive collection is easily integrated with curtain track systems, making for a complete window treatment option. The innovative embedded system maintains the visual benefits with more effortless operation.


At Distinctive, we supply and install automated curtain poles for a luxurious window dressing treatment. This pole type exudes modernity that keeps its charming characteristics. The added luxury of the electric curtain pole operations allows you to control them via remote, smartphone or wall switch.

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