At Distinctive, our expert fabric makers craft exceptional window dressings using the finest materials. We proudly offer a complete fabric-making service using the finest silks and linens, luxurious chenilles, and other beautiful fabrics to create stunning patterns for all curtain types. Whatever design you have in mind, our dedicated team is here to make your dream curtain. Why not book a showroom appointment to discover more about our comprehensive service.

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Our Curtain-Making Approach

Depending on your curtain needs, our industry-leading fabric makers can take numerous approaches to produce your luxury curtains. Are you looking for something truly bespoke? The Distinctive team will handcraft a one-of-a-kind window dressing with attention to detail unrivalled by our competitors. Do you need curtains for a commercial project? Our state-of-the-art curtain-making machines can produce large quantities of high-quality window dressings with quick turnarounds.

Curtain Types

Our skilled team can create numerous curtain designs with unique finishes. Distinctives sheer curtains and voiles curtains come in many heading designs and come with glass weights finishes.

Our extensive range of standard, blackout, and interlining stock allows our workroom to create your perfect curtain type. Should you wish to supply your own, we can accommodate this and hold onto specific fabrics and materials just for your projects.

Distinctive speciality curtains can cater to all window types. We specialise in creating curtains for intricate recessed shapes to expansive windows, making the perfect curtain to fit anywhere in your home.

Made-to-Measure Curtains

We understand every window won’t be the same; that’s why our made-to-measure service will cater to your window needs. You can choose from our luxury fabric line crafted in-house in our window dressing facility.

Distinctive advisors will be able to help you with the sizing, heading, and lining for your custom-made curtain. Additionally, we offer exceptional extras, including pelmets and tiebacks, to give that special final touch to your bespoke curtain.

Curtain Headings

Curtain headings are an essential feature of a window dressing overall finish. At Distinctive, we offer our customers an abundance of curtain headings to choose from, so you can have the perfect finish to your dream curtain.

Our expert fabric makers can make bespoke styles with your desired material for a quick turnaround; whether it’s eyelet curtain headings, pencil pleat headings or French pleat headings, Distinctive can design it all.

Get in touch with Distinctive today, and our expert team will be able to best advise for the perfect curtain heading.

Curtain Headings