An Awning You Can Customise To Your Unique Style

Markilux Awnings

As Markilux puts it, “Beauty lies not in size, but in attention to detail.” Because of this ideology, they have picked up several design awards, demonstrating why Markilux awnings are at the forefront of innovation. Due to their fine-tooth comb approach, Markilux has overcome challenging design obstacles while providing modern solutions.

The 1 million configuration options make them truly one of a kind. With Markilux awnings, you have more than 45 models and over 250 fabrics at your disposal. With an expansive, comprehensive range of accessories available, you can add the final touch to your awning.

No matter what type of space you are working with at home, Markilux has different styles to accommodate your needs. Their cassette, semi-cassette and open-style awnings can be suitable for patios, balconies, conservatories and glass canopies.

Exterior design is an art, a craft that Markilux has mastered. Their subtle colour nuances, patterns and textures make markilux awnings aesthetically pleasing. They have developed ground-breaking technology that provides durability, safeness and longevity to all its awnings. markilux’s technology and fabrics ensure all awnings systems are weather-resistant, robust, and versatile.

Their award-winning range ensures that no matter which awning you choose, you are guarenteed quality. The customisation that Markilux offers mean you can tailor-make your perfect awning system. Whether you want to add a new element balcony or remodel your patio, you will be able to find something perfect for you in our Markilux collection.

Here, at Distinctive, our experts will navigate you through Markilux’s extensive catalogue, helping you find the perfect awning. From the initial quote to the final installation, we are here for every step of your awning journey. Contact us today for your free markilux awning quote.

Patio and balcony awnings

Our collection of markilux designer awnings provides essential shading, getting the most out of your outdoor experience in your home. That’s why incorporating a patio awning system is the perfect option to bridge your home’s interior with nature.

Vertical Blinds

Our vertical awnings from markilux are the perfect shading solution for intrusive lighting. These beautiful made-to-measure systems block out sunlight efficiently while protecting your soft furnishings from fading.

Open Spaces

If you require have greater shading needs, markilux’s open space awnings are ideal for covering larger areas. Perfect for private and professional purposes, our collection markilux of pergola and syncra awnings will meet all your shading requirements.

Conservatory awnings

Conservatory awnings filter harsh light, giving you better heating control within the home without restricting your view. Additionally, these systems are suitable for glass canopies and skylight applications, making them highly versatile.

Side Screens

Side Screens are a subtle, external shading solution that effortlessly offers a personalised shading experience. Offering privacy, you can create your own open-air space anywhere in your garden.

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