Shaped Bespoke Handmade Curtains for Apex Windows in High Residential Property


In partnership with an Interior Designer, we successfully executed a High Residential project in Stanmore, Middlesex.
Our team at Shading Specialists carefully selected and installed a range of Silent Gliss Tracks for this project. Some tracks, such as the 6840 for Wave and 1280 for Standard Headings, were manually operated by hand, while others (5600 System) were electrically integrated into the client’s Control 4 Home AV System. Alongside these, we also installed Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds to enhance the overall aesthetic.
Image of grey shaped apex curtains next to a bed
Close up of a grey shaped apex curtain
In response to the unique challenge posed by the sizable Triangular Apex Windows, the client expressed a specific desire for a soft and opulent High Residential aesthetic.
While the conventional choice for such windows often involves Duette Blinds, our collaborative efforts delved into the realm of a bespoke curtain specification, aiming to create a distinctive impact and meet the client’s preference for luxury and elegance.
Shaped drawing
Shaped drawing
This joint venture led to the meticulous crafting of a customized curtain solution that would perfectly complement the Triangular Apex Windows. The attention to detail encompassed considerations such as fabric selection, color palette, and design elements, ensuring that the final result not only addressed the functional aspects of light control and privacy but also elevated the overall ambiance of the space to exude a sense of refined opulence. Through this tailored approach, the curtain specification not only met the client’s desire for a soft and luxurious High Residential appearance but also added a unique and personalized touch to the window treatment, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the living space.
We utilized Silent Gliss 1280 Curtain Tracks, skillfully fitted along each slope of the Apex Glazing. Stops were strategically placed between each glider to secure the top of the heading in position. Our in-house crafted Double Pinch Pleat Curtains were tailored to perfectly suit the unique Triangular Apex Window configuration.
To complement the curtains, we designed and used bespoke tiebacks made from matching fabric. With both layers of the curtains, one sheer and one blackout, we achieved a harmonious blend of soft aesthetics and functional benefits. The result is a set of curtains that not only provide a soft and elegant appearance but also offer effective blackout and thermal properties for the client.
Close up image of a grey shaped apex curtrain
Bedroom image showing pink and grey shaped apex curtains
Image of a bed with grey and pink shaped apex blinds beside
Bedroom containg pink and grey shaped apex curtains
Bed with grey and pink shaped apex curtains next to it
Bedroom image with grey and pink shaped apex curtains