Conservatory awnings

With the number of conservatory extensions growing across the UK, so does the need for conservatory awnings. Because of their design, the glass allows abundant sunlight into properties, making it more necessary than ever to protect your home from UV rays. The extra light can make it hard to regulate temperature in your home, leading to potentially costly energy bills. Conservatories offer great views of your garden, making it the perfect space to look out on your property, so it’s important you make the most of this space.

Because of our extensive collection of luxurious systems, you can choose from several elegant options to meet your conservatories needs. Their versatile application means the blind either be installed above or below the glass roof. These roof-mounted systems guarantee to prevent excess heat within the conservatory, resulting in a pleasant, relaxing space to unwind.

Glass top awnings

These unique shading systems are installed above the glass to maximise your internal space and reflect sunlight. Additionally, it provides essential UV rays, reducing significant amounts of heat radiation for further protection for your home. This particular system is fantastic for diffusing harsh light, creating a relaxing experience for you to enjoy in your conservatory.

Our comprehensive awning collection gives you shading solutions covering large areas of glass. Their innovative tensioned systems cover areas of up to 35 m2 from just one awning! Furthermore, the glass top system guarantee’s no gaps between the cover and guide track, ensuring greater wind stability.

Underglass awnings

A common window treatment with extraordinary results, the under glass is a beloved system enjoyed across the UK. Because of their installation, the awnings protected by the glass to ensure its longevity while still providing optimal shading. Additionally, they come in compact cassettes, which ties in perfectly with glass canopies, with optional lighting extras.


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