Shutter blinds are an effective, aesthetical internal blind system that exudes modernity. Our luxurious range of shutter blinds boasts a diverse collection of elegant designs, excellent colours and high-grade materials. Our versatile range of premium shutter blinds are the perfect window treatment throughout your home, perfect for closets, patio doors, and room dividers.

Gray Shutters Room Interior
Full Height Shutters

The most popular shutter blind option, full height, is traditional window dressing that comes in numerous styles and operations. Alternatively known as plantation shutters, full-height shutters cover the entire window for total lighting control using tilt rods to operate them, which can be visible or hidden for a clean and simple look.

Wooden Venetian Blinds Full Height
Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutter blinds are perfect for maximising the space around your bay window. The elegant window treatment frees up space surrounding the windowsill and recess, so you reap the full benefits of having a bay window. Additionally, their clean and crisp look turns your bay window aesthetic into a design statement within your home. Finally, bay window shutter blinds are practical insulation and home cooling window treatment that is energy efficient.

Skylight Shutter Blinds

Because of their solid material, shutter blinds are the perfect treatment for skylights as their design means they don’t sag at angled or overhead windows, unlike some fabric blinds. Skylight shutter blinds are a practical solution to potential awkward spaces, giving you lighting and privacy control.

Luxury Skylight Shutter Blind
Special Shaped Shutter Blinds

Odd, awkward and uniquely shaped windows present complicated dressing challenges, which makes it difficult to find a treatment that offers ample shading in your home. However, whatever the size and shape of your windows, our range of made-to-measure shutter blinds are the perfect treatment for your home. Our long line of round, square, triangular and oval shutter blinds have got your unique window dressing needs covered.

Cafe Style White Venetian Blinds
Track Shutter Blinds

The ingenious track shutter blinds offer a full and flexible window dressing to give you complete lighting control.

The clever track design boasts a smart by-pass system, which allows the panels to glide smoothly along the tracks for easy operation; alternatively, fitted with a bi-fold system that lets the shutter blind fold out of the way.

Track shutter blinds are perfect for separating an en-suite bathroom, removing the need for additional work, and can are to measure to fit within any room perfectly.

Tier-On-Tier Shutter Blinds

What makes tier-on-tier shutter blinds unique? Like luxury full-height plantation shutters, the tier-on-tier shutter blinds have two separate panels.

Their innovative design makes them perfect for road-facing windows because the bottom and top panels give you flexibility for everyday privacy use. When the panel on the shutter blind is open, it resembles the stylish café-style shutters, and when it’s closed looks like a full-height shutter blind.

White Tier-On-Tier Venetian Blinds