Vertical awnings

Vertical awnings are perfect for buildings that present unique shading challenges. Usually, more expansive windows come with excellent benefits but can let in intrusive sunlight that damages furniture and paintwork. If you’re looking to protect your interior design, our luxury vertical awnings are for you. Because the vertical awning is an external system, it is installed above the window to maintain your view. Furthermore, this highly durable system can withstand extreme weather conditions thanks to its sturdy profile.

Drop-arm awning

Drop-arm awnings are a fantastic vertical shading option as they provide optimal window coverage. This innovative system is like retractable awnings but has a pivoting extruding arm. The clever design elements allow for easy adjustment of the drop-arm awnings, giving you complete shading control. To ensure safety, our collection of drop-arm awnings have undergone rigorous testing, boasting 30pmh wind resistance.

Our drop-arm awning fabrics come in numerous textile materials and colours, giving you the option to customise them to match your homes aesthetic.

luxury Vertical awnings
Triangular awning

The triangular awning has a dynamic design profile that makes for a modern alternative to traditional awnings. Triangular awnings boast made-to-measure UV protection, which uses tear-resistant cords for maximum stability and protection. The unique design of the triangular awning overcomes unusual window designs, perfect for specialised conservatory layouts. Lastly, the cassette is rounded and tensioned to add greater stability and functionality to this unique awning system.


Why Choose Vertical awnings?

Vertical awnings are a practical and stylish alternative to internal blinds! With accurate, precise control of the awning, you can allow as much or as little sunlight into your home. Additionally, this system provides excellent privacy, giving you peace of mind in the comfort of your home.

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