Open spaces

With our extensive awning collection, you can opt for an open space awning, giving you shading freedom anywhere on your property. These luxurious systems are perfect if you want an alternative instead of having the awning fixed on the building’s façade; because of this, you can achieve significant shading projects as this doesn’t need the support of exterior walls.

Folding arm awnings

Providing shading in awkward, unique spaces can be challenging, but our luxury folding arm awnings may be what you’re looking for. The innovative design of the folding arm system overcomes these difficulties, overachieving in areas with small space requirements. The folding arm awnings are perfect in width-restricted spaces as the awnings design profile has a strong torque bar. Additionally, you can even connect three awning systems together with this design for even further shading projections.

Open spaces
Parasol awning

Parasol awnings work similarly to pergola awnings; however, they require less space, thus perfect if you’re working with smaller spaces. The slim but sturdy aluminium posts on the parasol awning keep the entire system strong and firmly in place. Additionally, these efficient and stylish awnings come in flexible variations, which allows for rotation, giving you control over the shading system. Overall, our luxury parasol awnings are stunning, space-saving shading solutions, a perfect alternative to traditional systems.

Modular frame system awning

Modular frame awnings are a trailblazing shading system made from exceptionally durable posts and further connecting elements. Perfect for numerous building types, the modular awning system is suitable for building and garden installations.


Why Choose Open Space Awnings?

Open space awnings are durable, versatile and reliable shading systems that withstand all weather types. Perfect if you require greater shading demands, which are suitable for private and professional applications.

If you are looking for an open awning system, contact us today for your free quote.