Internal blinds come in an abundance of designs, styles and operative systems. With an overwhelming amount of window treatments to choose from, it is hard to find the perfect blind for your home.

At Distinctive, we work with leading manufacturers and have a dedicated production facility with expert fabric makers to supply our customers with a luxurious range of internal blind systems.

Product range

 Internal Blinds Operation Systems

Crank Operated

Crank-operated blinds remove the need for annoying cables, chains and cords; instead, replace them with a magnetic crank handle. This option provides a clean aesthetic, freeing up space within the windows recess.

Chain Operated

Chain-operated blinds are stylish and practical window treatments; these highly versatile systems are suitable for all window types. Additionally, the safety devices incorporated within the blind effectively prevent accidents, keeping your family safe.

Wand Operated

Wand-operated blinds are a smart, sleek solution that eliminates the need for cables. Their simple design gives you complete control over systems like vertical and venetian blinds, manoeuvring the louvres with a twist of the wand.

Electric Operated

Perhaps the most desired window treatment on the market, electric blinds, are the pinnacle of luxury. Operated by app, remote or wall switch, electric blinds are a convenient shading solution.

Battery Operated

Battery-operated blinds are a perfect solution for those who desire electric blinds, removing the need for wiring an electric power supply.

Wired Operated

Hardwired blinds are compatible with smart-home systems, making them the most convenient internal blind system available. Perfect for providing shade for large windows by raising blinds with ease at a click of a button.

Unique Internal Blinds

At Distinctive, our expert fabric makers craft beautifully bespoke blinds for all types of unique projects. From handmade roman blinds to one-of-a-kind roller blinds, the Distinctive team can assist you with all your window dressing needs.

Why Choose Internal Blinds?

Internal blinds offer numerous benefits; from UV protection to improving your interior design, they are a fantastic window treatment. Our range of luxury operating systems paired with gorgeous fabrics will turn your home into a paradise.

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