External Blinds

At, Distinctive, we offer comprehensive shading solutions, including external blinds. External blind systems have numerous benefits that unlock your home’s full potential. For example, their effortless solar protection attributes provide essential cover from light and heat to glass areas of up to 600 cm. Additionally, tensioned pistons ensure perfect cover fit and guarantee low noise extension and retraction of the blinds. The motorised version can fit into any house automation for comfortable operation.

Our extensive, premium range of luxury awning systems is suitable for multiple locations. If you need an awning for residential, commercial or industrial applications, Distinctive works with industry-leading suppliers to meet your needs.

external blinds

Product Range

Open Spaces

These innovative shading systems can go anywhere on your property as they have their own supporting structure. Without needing façade installation, open space awnings are an independent shading system that offers a cooling, pleasant alfresco experience anywhere in your garden. These external blind types achieve more significant shading projections, making them perfect for commercial applications.

Open space awning - Markilux-01
Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings are the perfect solution for providing optimal shading to more expansive windows. By protecting your home from harmful UV rays, you maintain the colour of furniture and walls while keeping your home cool. The vertical awning’s innovative design allows the system to rest above the frame of the window, keeping your view clear from obstructions.

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory awnings are a fantastic shading solution that helps regulate the temperature in your home. These luxury systems can be installed inside or above the conservatory glass, offering exceptional shading results. Preventing unwanted UV lighting, the conservatory awning gets the most out of your conservatory experience.

Patio Awnings

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, alfresco extension to your home, look no further than our luxury patio awnings. Perfectly blending your interior design with outdoor elements, patio awnings bridge the gap for a relaxed, cool vibe.


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