At Distinctive, we offer comprehensive ceiling shading solutions which cover all window types. We provide bespoke, luxury skylight and rooflight systems in numerous operations and styles to meet your exact window treatment needs.

We offer demonstrations of our complete, fully functional remote systems in our showrooms, which you can book an appointment for here.

Yellow Skylight Blinds

Our Skylight Blind Brands

SilentGliss Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

Our collection of luxury Silent Gliss blinds are the perfect window ceiling treatment for your home. Additionally, our wide range of Crank-Operated and Electrically operated skylight systems come in sheer and blackout fabrics! Why not explore our collection here: 2190219586008800.

Diaz Skylight
Diaz Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

Diaz Sunprotection’s range of cost-effective blinds are a excellent energy-saving treatment, especially for more expansive windows! Our collection of Diaz pleated blinds works perfectly to insulate ceiling windows while providing texture to give a fuller look.

Skylight Systems
SHY Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

SHY’s rooflight and skylight systems are the pinnacles window treatment, covering all window types, sizes, shapes and angels!

With a comprehensive collection of blind fabrics available, you can have a choice spanning from screen fabrics, all day to dim-out. Their versatile systems make SHY blinds the perfect system for high-end domestic and large-scale commercial projects.

Shy Skylights
Lutron Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

Lutron tensioned window treatments provide a clean alternative to cable blinds. The innovative design keeps the fabrics taught, so there’s no slack in the blind when overhead. Additionally, the luxury rooflight blind reduces the lighting gaps around the fabric at all angles, giving you complete lighting control. The system’s frame has the added benefit of being surface mounted or recessed mounted, giving you access to update the fabric.

Lutron Skylights

Why Choose Skylight and Rooflight Blinds

These window treatments and dressings are a fantastic solution that offers essential UV protection. Their easy operation allows you to control the blind at a moment’s notice, reaping the full benefits of skylights and rooflights.

Additionally, these luxury systems are an effective way to control the temperature within your home. The energy-efficient window treatment are perfect for larger rooms like conservatories, heating them effectively.