When your choice Bespoke Curtain Fabric pick is unavailable.

This week at our Distinctive Makers Beaconsfield location, we encountered a problem when a fabric for our in-house made curtains chosen by our client had been discontinued by the supplier. Our customer fell in love with a curtain fabric, and initially didn’t want any other alternative. At Distinctive Makers, we always aim for our customers to be satisfied with the service they receive, and should any problem ever occur, we always help find a solution.

Our Process

To understand the operation for our made-to-measure and custom pieces, the process is completed in the following order:

  • Initial measure
  • Initial quote
  • Customer accepts quote and pays deposit.
  • Customer chooses curtain fabric.
  • Distinctive Makers does its due diligence to provide final quotation once all sizes are obtained and fabrics are verified with suppliers.
  • Distinctive Makers then places the order once all fine details are confirmed.

Discovering the Issue

With this order, we discovered that the chosen curtain fabric had been discontinued at the “Due diligence” stage of the process. Our first plan of action was to contact all the suppliers we knew who distributed this fabric to see if they had any remaining stock left. We even contacted the manufacturer of the fabric to explore all avenues.

Our response

Once we realized that this wasn’t possible and the fabric simply did not exist, the customer was notified and was offered a very close substitution. Understandably, it is very hard to visualise and feel what a fabric is like when looking at an image, so we arranged for one of our fitters to go to the client directly with swatches of available fabrics.

In order to achieve a close fabric match, the best alternatives to the discontinued fabric were first shown to the customer for approval. If none of the selections were to the client’s taste, we were more than happy to revert to the first step of our process and start from the beginning. If need be, the customer was able to select a completely different look from the variety of fabrics our fitter had hand delivered to them.

Thankfully, during our fitter’s visit, the client found a beautiful replacement fabric. When the fabric was confirmed by the customer, the order was placed immediately, to get the production process started as soon as possible and our operation back on track.

Here at Distinctive Makers, we are always happy to go above and beyond for our customers. We specialise in bespoke curtains and blinds, meaning you can have any product tailored to exactly what you want/need! If any issue ever occurs at any part of the process, the customer is always notified, and the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

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