Skylight and Rooflight Blinds

Our elite ceiling shading solutions cater to all window types effortlessly. We can provide bespoke, high-quality Skylight and Rooflight shading systems; additionally, our extensive range includes manual and electrically operated ceiling blinds for all your shading needs.

You can see a selection of fully functional remote-controlled skylights & rooflights in our showroom – one the few in the UK with these features. Book a free visit today by clicking below.

Yellow Skylight Blinds

Our Skylight Blind Brands

SilentGliss Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

An excellent window treatment for your Skylights and Rooflights would be our wide range of Silent Gliss Blinds. Available in both Crank-Operated Skylight Blinds and Electrically Operated Skylight systems, our Silent Gliss range also comes in sheer, blackout fabrics to meet your shading needs. See our Silent Gliss Skylight and Rooflight Blind systems here: 2190219586008800.

Diaz Skylight
Diaz Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

Diaz Skylight and Rooflight Blinds are a cost-effective, energy-saving window treatment, ideal for those desiring pleated ceiling blinds that offer texture to large spaces. Diaz’s Pleated Blinds are suitable for these applications. For further information, please see the Pleated Blinds section on our website.

Skylight Systems
SHY Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

Our comprehensive SHY Skylight and Rooflight Blind systems cover all window sizes, shapes and angles. In conjunction, the wide range of blind materials spans from screen fabrics all the way through to dim-out fabrics.

What makes these Skylight and Rooflight Blinds special is their versatility. The innovative systems are perfect for both commercial and high-end domestic applications.

Shy Skylights
Lutron Skylights and Rooflight Blinds

Lutron tensioned blinds provide solutions for skylights and angled windows. The innovative design from Lutron keeps panels taut and parallel to windows with minimal sat at a variety of slopes. Lutron Tension Skylight blinds reduce light gaps around the fabric and maximise the view when open by eliminating cable guides. The frame may be surface mounted or recessed wile still allowing easy access to update the fabric.

Lutron Skylights