Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a soft, elegant window dressing that enhances your interior design for a luxurious and practical treatment.

At Distinctive, our specialist blind-making service gives you access to a versatile range of the finest fabrics, designs, and systems for your bespoke roman blind.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for chain-operated, battery-operated or electrically operated roman blinds. We liaise with industry-leading manufacturers to offer our customers an innovated and state or the art blind systems.

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Our Roman Blinds

Handmade Romans Blinds

Our long line of handmade roman blinds are individually and carefully handstitched with your dream fabric for a truly bespoke window dressing. Available in both self-stack and waterfall designs, you can choose from our long line of luxury fabrics for a one-of-a-kind roman blind. Additionally, all our handmade roman blinds have lined, unlined or interlining finishes available depending on your preference.

Roman Blinds in Modern Setting
Sheer Romans

Sheer roman blinds are the pinnacle of elegance. The stunning window dressing uses sheer fabrics to create a light, airy design that allows soft lighting to pass through the blind. When raised, the sheer roman blind creates soft pleats to offer a layered look, perfect for large windows.

For the final finishes, our blind-making team uses clear bottom bars to maintain the delicate aesthetic for a completed sheer finish.

Pure Roman Blinds
Machine Made Romans

If you’re looking for roman blinds for a large project and need window dressing with quick lead times, our machine-made roman blinds are for you. Our state-of-the-art blind-making machines can produce large quantities of luxurious roman blinds at exceptional prices to match your budget.

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Our Partners Roman Blinds

Silent Gliss Roman Blinds

Silent Gliss roman blinds are a perfect soft shading solution, which comes in numerous operations. Their hand-operated manual blinds come with beaded chains for smooth operation. Additionally, our comprehensive range of Silent Gliss roman blinds includes battery-operated and electrically operated systems, offering a sense of luxury by opening or closing the blind with a remote or wall switch.

Diaz Roman Blinds

Diaz roman blinds pair cutting-edge technology with modern fabrics to meet your exact window dressing requirements. At Distinctive, we supply Diaz’s Elite, Extrema, Elite Battery Operated and Extrema Electro systems, Piano, Mars and Ultima systems.

Lutron Roman Blinds

Lutron roman blinds’ versatile application allows for recess, inside mount or surface mounted installations. Notably, Lutron roman blinds are ideal for sloping or horizontal, boasting widths up to 2.4 meters wide. Their innovative systems keep the roman blind fabric taught and in keeping with the alignment of the windows, perfect for skylights and angled windows.

Cascade Roman Blind
Cascade Roman Blind
Standard Roman Blind
Standard Roman Blind