Dimout and Blackout Blinds

Our luxury range of dimout and blackout blinds are the perfect light-controlling window treatment for your home.

Whether you want soft lighting or entirely block out sunlight, our premium systems will be able to meet your needs.

Our versatile dimout systems have discreet side channels that nestle perfectly within the windows recess. This clever design prevents light from spilling through the sides, providing complete shading coverage.

The same system is used for blackout blinds but is paired with dense, full fabrics to block light entirely.

For further information, please see our technical PDFs to see how our luxury shading systems operate: Chain Operated Dim-out / Blackout Blinds and Electrically Operated Dim-out / Blackout Blinds.


Blackout Range

Silent-gliss dimout
Silent Gliss Blinds

At Distinctive, we stock numerous technically advanced Silent Gliss systems, which come in chain operations. The clever click-in side profile of the dimout blinds allows for installation within the recess or outside windows recess. Our manual Silent Gliss blinds feature the 4710, 4730, and 4740 to cover all window types for a comprehensive treatment.

Shy Shading Manual Systems

We work with leading commercial blind specialists, Shy, offering our clients luxury manual dimout blinds. Their innovative SHY ZIP® Screen range retains the fabric within the ZIP® channel for smooth operation. The blinds glide effortlessly, making it the ideal shading solution for long and narrow spaces.

Shy dimout blinds
White Dim-out Blinds
Lutron Electrical Systems

Are you looking for an electric dimout system? We’ve got the perfect window treatment for you.

The intelligent electrical systems have the motor blinds house within the shades assembly, controlling the movement and positioning, which perfectly adjusts the blind to meet your preference.

Our collection features Lutron 100, 150, 225 and 64 systems due to their accurate, pinpoint operation.

Silent Gliss Systems

Our range of Silent Gliss electric dimout blinds boats cleverly integrated radio receivers for remote operation. Alternatively, their innovative smartphone control allows the Silent Gliss app to lower or raise the dim-out blinds. These Silent Gliss systems are the pinnacle of luxury, convenience and design.

Silent Gliss Blackout system

Dimout Blinds

Internal blinds aren’t always about blocking out sunlight. Dimout blinds are a fantastic way to diffuse harsh light, which comes with numerous benefits. The light filtering window treatment prevents potentially damaging light from protruding through the fabric. Our luxury dimout blinds create soft lighting that fills the room for a warming, relaxed feel.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are the perfect window dressing for those desiring a private shading solution. Our collection of blinds are comprised of coated, dense materials for a full blackout treatment. Ideal for bedrooms, you can relax and unwind for a peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep.