Patio awnings

Patio Awnings come in abundance due to their innovative design characteristics. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional home extensions. Because of this, you can bridge that gap between your home’s interior with nature. Additionally, our Awning extras, such as infrared heaters and LED lights, allow you to tailor the Awning to your needs. This practical Awning System allows you to fully enjoy the weather throughout the summer while also enjoying it during the winter.

Pergola awnings

Pergola Awnings create a defined relaxation area that offers a sense of private tranquillity within your garden. Installing a Pergola Awning is a fantastic alternative to costly conservatories, and it also unlocks your patio’s full alfresco potential.

Providing comprehensive cover for areas up to 30 m2, Pergola Awnings will give you plenty of shelter for your patio or balcony. Apart from being elegant and stylish, they also provide excellent protection, and withstanding winds of up to Beaufort 6.

You can opt for a compact version if you have limited spacing. The combination of simple style and cover, enhanced by its slender support posts, will add your patio a sleek appearance.

Patio awnings
Cassette awnings

The benefit of incorporating a Patio Cassette Awning is a subtle shading solution that adds to your exterior design. This low-maintenance Awning System is perfect as they provide ample light and shade during summer and can be retracted into a well-designed, built-in casing. They also come in compact sizes for your small patio. This awning puts you in complete control of your outdoor experience.

Steel patio awnings

Our premium Steel Awnings are comprised of matt-brushed steel and can be provided with additional coating to increase resistance to corrosion and weathering, ensuring they can withstand all weather types, and the durability of Patio Awnings. Steel Awnings are ideal for locations subjected to adverse weather conditions that require firm covering, ensuring they adequately protect your patio. Our Steel Patio Awnings are a long-lasting system, so you can enjoy complete shaded protection for years to come.


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