An Awning You Can Customise To Your Unique Style

Markilux awnings open new spaces! They can be as comfortable and stylish as your living room. Their different versions offer the right solution for every building situation. Moreover, they are suitable to install on flat or uneven facade surfaces, and even inside a niche.

Markilux awnings are made in Germany with materials of the highest quality. In addition, they are extremely weather-resistant, robust, and versatile. Generally, they will be your best choice for all seasons. Also, they can come with lighting and heating to create a cozy ambiance or great features such as electric operation or self-cleaning fabrics. There are hundreds of fabric choices and a five-year guarantee. At Shading Specialists, we supply the whole Markilux range across the United Kingdom. Additionally, we can provide you with professional installation depending on where are you based.

Patio and balcony awnings

Markilux designer awnings not only provide shade protecting of heating. But also they will help you to enjoy life outside. They can provide shade for sunny days or protection on rainy days. The manufacturing quality is unique; the installation is exclusively handled.

Vertical Blinds

The vertical awning from Markilux protects you from blinding sunlight. Also prevents your interior from heating up too much and keeps the floor, carpet or furniture from fading. With a huge selection of fabrics, you can create a lighting mood in your rooms yourself.

Open Spaces

These awnings are perfect large-scale for both private and professional purposes. We have different systems such as pergola, an awning system with additional supporting posts in this category. Or syncra, a free-standing awning system that can be placed independently of any architectural connection.

Conservatory awnings

These awnings will provide you with a practical filter for light and heat while giving you a great vision of your garden or terrace. They can be used for conservatories, glass canopies, and large skylights.

Side Screens

This variety of awnings with the stunning effect of shade can act as a wind and sun break.  You can put up the vertical shading to protect yourself against prying eyes or you can create your very own personal space in the open air with its own textile comfort.

Our Latest Markilux Projects