At Shading Specialist, we offer a comprehensive awning service for commercial, residential, and industrial installations. Our premium service includes the distribution, installation and production of high-quality Manual Awning Systems and Electrical Awning Systems.

If you want to indulge in an alfresco lifestyle, our luxury Awning Systems can help you get the most out of your outdoor spaces. With a Shading Specialist Awning, you can spend much cherished time with family and friends on patios, balconies or gardens.

Our range of Awnings includes Patio awnings, Vertical awnings Conservatory awnings and Open space awnings

Beautifully designed & Weatherproof

Not only our shading systems look incredible, they’re also sleek, seamless and minimalistic.

Their smooth extension and retraction, compact design means that your awning can be neatly tucked away when not in use thus making the most of your valuable space. As a result, combine this with our range of vibrant and versatile fabrics and upgrade your building’s exterior design.

Our special process technology makes the fabric shape-retentive and easy to care for. It’s completely weatherproof, and resistant to water, dirt, grease and oil.

All year round protection for your home

Our durable Awning Systems put you in control of your outdoor experience. Whether it’s in the warmer months to keep you cool and comfortably shaded or during winter with our powerful infrared instant heating units. Our luxury Awnings Systems are exceptionally resistant to unrelenting weather conditions. Their high-grade materials and strong framework protect your property from rain, snow and hail. All our fabrics are fully weatherproof and resistant to water, dirt and grease, so your Awning will look stunning throughout the year.

Extend your outdoor space to extend your customer base

Explore how making a small change to the design of your outdoor area can make a significant impact on your business. By transforming your exterior design, not only will it look fabulous, but the additional space on the premises will also allow more customers to enjoy an alfresco experience. Additionally, you can personalise the awnings by printing your choice of branding or design.

Giving back to nature

At Shading Specialists we are committed to working toward a greener future. We ensure all our Shading Systems and accessories are as energy-efficient as possible. Not only does this help to reduce your energy bills but lowers our carbon footprint.

Our products emit zero harmful carbon emissions and provide effective alternatives to other gas-fuelled options. Our lighting and heating accessories use a small amount of energy but are incredibly powerful.

Green Markilux Awnings