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Case study: awning and roller blinds installation

The Challenge  The customer had just moved into a beautiful property and required some much-needed shading solutions to turn their house into a home. The client approached Distinctive to work on an existing electric blind system, but to provide a reliable, luxury and comprehensive service, we needed to re-think our approach. We worked tirelessly with […]

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Trade Curtain Makers

Over time, the role of the сurtаin hаѕ veered from bеing a merely funсtiоnаl tооl to a distinctively dесоrаtivе one in nаturе and this has made it grеаtlу еаѕiеr tо hаvе pleasure with a home design utilizing thе attractive fасiаl appearance оf сurtаinѕ thаn it uѕеd tо be and as such, for trаdе customers, wе […]

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Coronavirus Update

We would like to begin by sharing our thoughts to anyone affected by the Coronavirus situation. In response to the UK Government measures taken on March 23rd, we made a few adjustments in the way we operate. Office and remote work Our team returned to the main office on the 1st of June 2020 and […]

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We’ve have been busy this year here are a few pictures of what we have made so far

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